Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses

La Nueva Nena 2014 acrilico:papel 100% algodon (sellado) 76 x 57cm.tiff

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz La Nueva Nena (The New Girl) 30″ x 22.5″ acrylic / 100% cotton paper (sealed)


A recent work that showed up synchronistically as I went through some changes in the studio.

As has been the norm for a few of the previous posts I am including a poem partially reminiscent of this painting and a few fresh dreams.


Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses

If I could dream of torrential beauty,

cascading desires into envelopes of one,

playfulness flooding intentional trickery,

ticklish intensity morning of sun.

Rumblings created run thunderous realms,

instantaneous inventions so alive and real.

Symbolic paradigms reappearing in scene,

shape shifting, undressing sheets that are bare.

Why is my coat dragging this slothful tail,

in ways unaware of such fated proceed?

Where are my clothes my nakedness screams,

deception abounds in relative friends,

fooling the wise man with simpleton moves.

Rebound and bound asphyxiating kisses,

smothering tongue of red burn inferno,

rejoice in the choice bestowed me upon,

smoothing recoil of delectable torso.

Cooling refractor in curvaceous canyon,

skillful and nimble of dances agile,

mapping contours of these earthly plunges,

of tidal surfs and swollen surges,

that crash and rest my head upon this boundless silence.

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