Something Else

A poem written by the Puerto Rican poet Eric Landron inspired by my painting  “Grey Surround Self Portrait”



Grey Surround Self Portrait 48″ x 48″ acrylic / canvas 2005 ©

Self Portrait

To Alexander Rosado

An Insane till sanity,

A Sane till insanity, will doubt so much certainty,

Meticulously searching, once and again, feverish and untiring,

The missing item in the wardrobe of time,

Between the dust of intuitions

And the ashes of memories

He invents and uncovers his seventh sense,

Using a third eye, invisibly visible and reflexive,

That paints him into a Warrior Poet,

While he looks into a broken and brainteaser mirror,

Revealing a soul in suffering,

A spirit in commotion, unsatisfied,

But, also, full

In breath of vigor and uproar,

And he excavates light, and uncovers, the light,

Forever, the light, eternally, the light,

With intensity, suspicion, prodigy, and clairvoyance.

And he appears and reappears

Like the best of his acts of magic,

Lopping the branches where the arcane mystic is nestled,

Breaking, with pure machete blows of an incredible paintbrush,

The entangling and pricking thorns of life,

The thicket of serpents

That form and deform the Hydra of sorrow and injustice,

And thus, seeing beyond his gaze that paints,

And painting his gaze beyond the painting,

He waits for the crucial and most sublime moment

Where his heart comes to a halt, stocked with life,

And irremediably, serene and shrewd.

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