spat rid the riddle (free of duels)


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Flowers for Florentina 14″ x 11″ acrylic / linen

A hello to all my fellow dreamers! Searching for answers in all dream states, I have come to find out everything is a really just a dream – just like the song says.  So a Toast to all! Salud! and just keep dreaming!

Spat Rid the Riddle (free of duels)

Everything’s a dream, a dream so really real,

hauntingly convincing,

flood of appeal,

searching right questions, elegance concealed,

tightly twisted tango (dance) slowly revealed.

Slaying the master and finding a fool,

spat rid the riddle free of duels,

reach for the mistress, loving the cat,

bring forth the summoned maker of jewels!

Inventor, creator, of sorts innovator,

Where is your favorable challenge?

A well within the hidden skin,

a stunning source to manage.

Dreamers are a such a bunch… in sooth awake?

Questioning all infinity circle,

Never keenly knowing reality at stake.

When nothing much matters – where do we go?

How to keep going when there is no show?

Bring forth the clowns, the jester, the fool,

inventor, creator, of sorts innovator.

What is your favorable tool?

Clarity unfolding chaotic conjecture, (guess)

where beauty and breath are re-schooled.

Bat Trapped in a Studio Tale


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz The Stand (La Parada) 12″ x 6″ acrylic / canvas


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Scarred Icon Bebe II 24″ x 18″ acrylic, tobacco leaves, gesso / canvas

The two paintings above are intricately involved in a recent event in my studio that inspired me to write a story about it.

The event occurred in the month of June and led me to tell the tale in a non conventional format. Here is the account in verse form – I do admit it was not easy to write, although it was quite fun – hope you enjoy!


Bat Trapped in a Studio Tale

The light of dusk is slowly fading,

a sturdy metal studio chair

bears me,

certain sounds patter to my right;

somewhere near my paintings by chance,

maybe butterfly or moth in flight,

in the limelight desiring dance.

Where initially I am startled,

as the noise is not too soft,

I assume enormous is this moth,

I get up and try to find out.

Let the movement continue,

this assembled situation,

allow to pinpoint the position,

approaching spot of suspicion,

so stunned a tiny talon, I believe is what I saw,

what is this I question, a butterfly with a claw?

I realize this no insect,

as I identify its condition,

a mammal in fact it seems,

a bat trapped in location,

how is this to be?

My studio doors are always open,

(not some hotel in California),

they can check-in any time they like,

and they can always leave.

Winged herald quest of liberation,

paintings are a puzzle or a maze,

searching for possible locations,

structures the senses do amaze.

The choice to be secluded,

behind the work: “The Stand”,

few canvases I remove,

to acquire some advance,

in some ways quite befitting,

a shamans’ show of stance,

of somehow stating something,

of pointing way direction,

of awareness nature yearning,

of myth or dream of own.

I wish to show it outside,

to thrust this traveler free,

pull the shackles from its wings,

but then it changes paintings,

to a more delicate entree;

a tobacco covered work,

the fragile “Scarred Icon Bebe (II)”,

which quite reluctant I am to shake.

(I hear my spouse advise,

“you must turn off the lights,

the brightness has made it ‘blind'”.

How then can I see? I nonchalantly replied;

and guard my hand from the likes

of viable capricious bites.)

Heeding her suggestion,

I proceed to dim the luster,

behind the painted canvas,

its courage begins to muster,

he finds a way to slither,

then start to fly around,

and round the room in circles,

and miss by much the door,

it crawls again exhausted,

and seems to kiss the floor.

My compassion therefore swollen,

it’s persistence I admire,

I approach this hero fallen,

entangled in its desire.

Flight finding freedom!

Out the door with a hover,

although difficult to fathom,

nature urges such a ponder,

instantly I have been heartened,

at last did it recover!

Flight Mind Helicopters and The Flamenco Observer


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz The Flamenco Observer 36″ x 30″ acrylic / canvas


In keeping with the theme of the entry and the painting “Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucia” I am including a self portrait that was commenced around the same time as the painting

and that was largely based on the experiences during that time. It was also put aside for a number of years, was later restarted, then stored away for some more years until finally completed last year. This self portrait reflects somewhat on the powerful energy, dynamic movement, and soulful embodiment of the Flamenco experience.

As with most of the poems I’ve included in this site, the following is partially based on the current painting ‘Flamenco Observer” and recent dreams. Enjoy!


Flight Mind Helicopters

No criticisms, always silent,

whenever present, always here,


I laugh, you laugh back.

I have fear, you simply don’t.

There is chaos, you have peace.

There is joy, you notice well.

Who are you I ask,

I see you “seeing” me,


I dance, you follow.

I paint, you observe.

I sing, you respond.

I make strings resonate, you listen.

I jump, you fly.

Parallel lines of dream mind,

that do not want to kiss,

square and circle skyscrapers,

rebuild and re-dismiss,

helicopters of every kind,

abound blue skies amiss,

two flying backwards,

soaring past my sight,

boxy metal frame works,

street level fly bus,

clear bubble roundness,

crash the wall on high.

Across abandoned corner,

hovers illegal loneliness,

carve a mountain with a tunnel,

dark dungeon of unknown,

animate your brightness,

as I walk me back home.

Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucía


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucía 48″ x 60″ acrylic / canvas


The painting “Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucía” began conceptualization around the year 2001 as I immersed myself in a self imposed drawing and observation study of professional flamenco dancers and students training at the beautiful Casa Andalucía in the city of Guaynabo.

The practices took place Wednesday evenings under the direction of the famed maestro Antonio Santaella and had an entrancing sort of effect on me that allowed me to travel approximately four hours round trip from Aguadilla and back every Wednesday for various months, without even the slightest complaint.

The impact of being absorbed in the fascination of live flamenco guitar rhythms, singing, and dancing was spectacular and immensely fertile – producing many sketches where I made attempts to capture the energy, flow, rhythm, nostalgia, and ancestral connection, that reverberated through my blood and still does. Although the actual painting was initiated in the year 2003, I was not satisfied with the result and left it alone for a few years, then in 2006 I worked on it some more, was not satisfied, and left it alone again (in storage) for another seven years till being completed in 2013.

As any fine wine connoisseur will attest, aging for the right amount of years makes all the difference. I currently believe the work has reached a level of maturation to appropriately convey some of the feelings and aspects inherent in me as I became cocooned in a sensorial and extra-sensorial extravaganza.

Atado y Rebota Asfixiantes Besos (Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses – Spanish Version)


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Re-Member 24″ x 18″ acrylic / linen


Atado y Rebota Asfixiantes Besos


Si pudiera soñar de belleza torrencial,

cascadas deseos en envolturas de uno,

juego inundando la trampa intencional,

cosquillosa intensidad la alborada de sol.

Rugidos creados corren reinos de trueno,

tan vivo y real inmediatos inventos.

Simbólico paradigma reaparece en escena,

cambiando forma exponiendo desnudo lienzo.

Mi abrigo, porque arrastra este rabo haragán,

sin percatarse aun de su procedencia destino?

Donde esta mi ropa mi desnudez me grita!

…en relativos amigos la decepción sí abunda,

engañando al sabio con sus maniobras tontas.

Atado y rebota asfixiantes besos,

lengua que sofoca el quemado rojo infierno,

regocijo en la selección que en mi se otorga,

trémulo liso de delicioso torso.

Refractor refrescante de curvados cañones,

gracioso y capaz de tan ágiles danzas,

dibujando contornos de terrenales saltos,

de hinchados flujos y mareante las olas,

que sobre mi cabeza descansan y chocan,

con este silencio que tanto desata.

Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses

La Nueva Nena 2014 acrilico:papel 100% algodon (sellado) 76 x 57cm.tiff

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz La Nueva Nena (The New Girl) 30″ x 22.5″ acrylic / 100% cotton paper (sealed)


A recent work that showed up synchronistically as I went through some changes in the studio.

As has been the norm for a few of the previous posts I am including a poem partially reminiscent of this painting and a few fresh dreams.


Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses

If I could dream of torrential beauty,

cascading desires into envelopes of one,

playfulness flooding intentional trickery,

ticklish intensity morning of sun.

Rumblings created run thunderous realms,

instantaneous inventions so alive and real.

Symbolic paradigms reappearing in scene,

shape shifting, undressing sheets that are bare.

Why is my coat dragging this slothful tail,

in ways unaware of such fated proceed?

Where are my clothes my nakedness screams,

deception abounds in relative friends,

fooling the wise man with simpleton moves.

Rebound and bound asphyxiating kisses,

smothering tongue of red burn inferno,

rejoice in the choice bestowed me upon,

smoothing recoil of delectable torso.

Cooling refractor in curvaceous canyon,

skillful and nimble of dances agile,

mapping contours of these earthly plunges,

of tidal surfs and swollen surges,

that crash and rest my head upon this boundless silence.

Thirteen Random Self Portraits

Here are an additional five self portraits that I found accessible enough to photograph and bring this series of randomness, which includes the previous two posts, to somewhat of a conclusion, with thirteen for now. Some more may show up later. These five are a sample of different media as there are a couple made with oil on paper, and one acrylic on paper, the other two are drawings, one colored pencil on watercolor paper and the other a more traditional charcoal on paper. A couple are untitled for now – the titles will probably show up soon.



The following two Long Self Portraits are an example of the playing around with what I have at the moment. For these two I cut an 18 by 23 and a quarter paper in half and used both halves of the paper for the portraits. In this particular instance I worked on both at the same time.


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Long Self Portrait I 23.25″ x 9″ oil / paper 2014


©AlexanderRosado-Muñoz Long Self Portrait II 23.25″ x 9″ oil / paper 2014


 Here’s an example of a few elements fused together, the realism in the facial features, in the expression, and somewhat on the skin tones, the chaotic lines surrounding everything, and the colored graffiti or thicket of vines.

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Graffiti Self Portrait acrylic / gesso sealed paper 12″ x 9″ 2010



©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled color pencil & charcoal / watercolor paper 20.5″ x 17.25″ 2004


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled 21.5″ x 16.25″ charcoal / paper 2002



A few more Random Self Portraits

Here are a few more examples of my potpourri of Self Portraits. Enjoy!


I started this one while playing around with the paper and the mirror one night a few months back. The eight showed up spontaneously and then I highlighted it, as did the small yellow hat.

© Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Wizard Self Portrait 12″ x 9″ acrylic & charcoal / watercolor paper 2014


This one was completed right before the full moon in August


© Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Full Moon Self Portrait 12″ x 9 ” acrylic & charcoal / watercolor paper 2014




Self Portrait with Cigar was completed for my solo exhibition titled “Silence between Faces and Expressions” in late 2003. On a side note I just realized all three have no eye glasses on.


© Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Self Portrait with Cigar 40″ x 30″ acrylic / canvas 2003