Cling Oscillate Cloud


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Chrysalis 23″ x 30.5″ soft pastel, charcoal, acrylic / sealed cotton watercolor paper

A puzzling encounter with space and air flight related symbols from a ground perspective written in verse form and the recent mixed media work titled “Chrysalis”.

I was inspired to finish this mixed media work, which was close to completion but had been left on the back burner for quite a while, after writing the poem. I recalled having the work available and on the “ready for finishing touches” list, which seemed somehow befitting. Hope you enjoy.

Cling Oscillate Cloud

Whitish bright light dusk impregnated mist,

outside, the streets, desolate luminous kiss,

nothing around me except structures unbound,

colors forsaken,


no sound.

Up ahead is a symbol of space flight that is wobbling,

NASA’s trans border shuttle, rope tied and dangling,

pall nebula it’s rear, synchronous pendulum swing,

both shuttle and blank cloud oscillate unison cling.

Approaching said spectacle, white haze all around,

quite reach touch this vehicle,



Stand and observe, time dubious plain sight,

sky distant chained airplane, amiss in high flight.

Cloister Cloud Cerulean

DSC_0003 6

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Cloister Cloud Cerulean Self Portrait 12″ x 9″ acrylic & charcoal / sealed watercolor paper

A poetical delving into a recently completed self portrait.

In the short poem below I explore around a bit into the illusory fabricated mind structures and filters (many times self created and maintained) and I also lightly brush on the power of internal awareness. A personal glimpse into my “campaign”. So, don’t stop dreaming! and Enjoy!

Cloister Cloud Cerulean

Sky scraping structures,

edifice of mind,

architectural complex,

keeps the grind alive,

tilts my view of nature,

forcefully confined,

barefaced truth is bent,

shamelessly devised.

Crimson colored glasses,

convert me quasi blind,

sighting slit of reason:

“seek and ye shall find.”

Cave cleave imagination,

fount of countless kinds,

colossal cleft conjure,

provides me myriad mines.

Cloister Cloud Cerulean,

continue campaign climb.

DSC_0002 3

Working on the mixed media painting “Cloister Cloud Cerulean” self portrait outside my studio in Puerto Rico

Dream Desolation Drive


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Black Self Portrait 20″ x 15″ (with glaze) acrylic,pastel,charcoal / sealed watercolor paper


A nightly drive through story on structures, dwellings, and the personages inhabiting this reflecting and holographic realm. Enjoy!

Dream Desolation Drive

Dream desolation drive, discern a dark road,

a friend, you and I, in a car so bestowed,

two corner houses beyond the bend we tour,

catch a mighty glimpse, attention for sure,

structures reworked, remodeled, restored,

although night fallen, I’ve been here before.

Solitary abode illumined in amber,

architecture exposed with glaring grandeur,

inhabitants moved to someplace unknown,

glorious space open of yesterdays throne,

admire dozen doors, arcs elevated from ground,

perhaps we encounter past residents unbound.

Second dwelling converted, transmuted, transformed,

turn round corner right, internal huge platform,

attractive middle aged couple, standing at door,

conversing with owner, I’ve seen them before,

glance at interior, beyond gate past darkness,

we follow the fool and walk deceit emptiness.


DSC_0004 2


In my studio attempting to get the same expression as the work.

Apparent vast solitude in truth was quite full,

people everywhere sat, making contact visual.

Walked round the middle then round again back,

some chairs surely vacant, others seem not,

more seats am I finding, appearing from black.

Prime for performance in font of the stage,

room is divided whilst open the cage,

curtains are drawn, divisions removed,

floor has the markers of sliders that ruled.

The function is formal, attendants are dressed,

inside this vast structure a legion is guest,

many lives lived, of levels and dreams,

multiple plots and stories and schemes,

they all can reside in this fantasy realm,

where fractal reflections flood forth overwhelm.

DSC_0001 4

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Black Self Portrait 20″ x 15″ acrylic,pastel,charcoal / sealed watercolor paper

Gorgeous Vine Vulva


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled 12″ x 9″ (detail) acrylic / watercolor paper

A recent painting of which I am working on the finishing touches is included here along with a poem based partially on a recent dream. The dream involved a sequence that I found initially quite disconcerting (including being a bit unnerved and surprised inside the actual dream).

It involved becoming aware of having a vulva on the right hand side of my torso – right beneath the ribs, as I watched in a sort of stupefied amazement at something that I had not noticed before, I awoke. Upon waking I was definitely relieved it was just a dream…

About a week later I suffered an injury to my left knee while trying to reach for something in the back seat of my parked car. While seated in the front passenger side I turned around, knelt, and reached to the back seat forgetting I had an open multi-tool blade sticking out close by. When I tried to turn back around the blade stabbed and cut on the flesh of my left leg vastus medialis. So far it is healing very well. The following poem is an attempt to make sense of these encounters that likely seem to border on the absurd. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Vine Vulva

Forth again Empress, engage from my shore,

lonely loud liberty, dispense lusty lore,

comb my hair softly, around sheer my back,

finger waves crossing, purple blue and red black.

Papaya flesh crimson, head musing aware,

lines and signs swarming anoint subtle flair,

Majestic the She, in swing shadow Bordeaux,

metal bowl cling swords, crescendo in flow.

To see to believe, doubting Thomas assume,

reach your hand out, and into my wound,

under/neath right ribs, transferred to left knee,

creatively injured, bloom source energy,

humanity symbol,

high gracious heirloom,

gorgeous vine vulva, gate of glorious womb.

Manifest of Frequent Fractals


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Lines of Belief and Disbelief 12″ x 9″ charcoal and red pastel / watercolor paper

A recent nightly self portrait – one of the many masks worn on occasions and a recent poem dedicated to my eldest son Alexander in the event of his recent birth anniversary. May you enjoy!


Manifest of Frequent Fractals

(to my son, Alexander)

Sun of the Mother,

fortunate thy name,

jump from undercover,

Prometheus unchained.

Unify thus the actors,

proliferate free the flame,

pass forth the torch,

that disentangles the knave.

Relinquish the luggage,

of quite treacherous view,

who are the others,

if not me and not you,

reflection thus mirrors,

marking rhythms of truth.

How is it possible,

to leave and arrive?

Manifest frequent fractals,

searching game answers of why.

Nonsense is ordinary,

in reality it seems,

dance till you wonder,

if it’s true and with a Queen,

shake, vibrate, and thunder,

become god within a dream.

Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucía


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucía 48″ x 60″ acrylic / canvas


The painting “Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucía” began conceptualization around the year 2001 as I immersed myself in a self imposed drawing and observation study of professional flamenco dancers and students training at the beautiful Casa Andalucía in the city of Guaynabo.

The practices took place Wednesday evenings under the direction of the famed maestro Antonio Santaella and had an entrancing sort of effect on me that allowed me to travel approximately four hours round trip from Aguadilla and back every Wednesday for various months, without even the slightest complaint.

The impact of being absorbed in the fascination of live flamenco guitar rhythms, singing, and dancing was spectacular and immensely fertile – producing many sketches where I made attempts to capture the energy, flow, rhythm, nostalgia, and ancestral connection, that reverberated through my blood and still does. Although the actual painting was initiated in the year 2003, I was not satisfied with the result and left it alone for a few years, then in 2006 I worked on it some more, was not satisfied, and left it alone again (in storage) for another seven years till being completed in 2013.

As any fine wine connoisseur will attest, aging for the right amount of years makes all the difference. I currently believe the work has reached a level of maturation to appropriately convey some of the feelings and aspects inherent in me as I became cocooned in a sensorial and extra-sensorial extravaganza.

Atado y Rebota Asfixiantes Besos (Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses – Spanish Version)


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Re-Member 24″ x 18″ acrylic / linen


Atado y Rebota Asfixiantes Besos


Si pudiera soñar de belleza torrencial,

cascadas deseos en envolturas de uno,

juego inundando la trampa intencional,

cosquillosa intensidad la alborada de sol.

Rugidos creados corren reinos de trueno,

tan vivo y real inmediatos inventos.

Simbólico paradigma reaparece en escena,

cambiando forma exponiendo desnudo lienzo.

Mi abrigo, porque arrastra este rabo haragán,

sin percatarse aun de su procedencia destino?

Donde esta mi ropa mi desnudez me grita!

…en relativos amigos la decepción sí abunda,

engañando al sabio con sus maniobras tontas.

Atado y rebota asfixiantes besos,

lengua que sofoca el quemado rojo infierno,

regocijo en la selección que en mi se otorga,

trémulo liso de delicioso torso.

Refractor refrescante de curvados cañones,

gracioso y capaz de tan ágiles danzas,

dibujando contornos de terrenales saltos,

de hinchados flujos y mareante las olas,

que sobre mi cabeza descansan y chocan,

con este silencio que tanto desata.

Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses

La Nueva Nena 2014 acrilico:papel 100% algodon (sellado) 76 x 57cm.tiff

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz La Nueva Nena (The New Girl) 30″ x 22.5″ acrylic / 100% cotton paper (sealed)


A recent work that showed up synchronistically as I went through some changes in the studio.

As has been the norm for a few of the previous posts I am including a poem partially reminiscent of this painting and a few fresh dreams.


Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses

If I could dream of torrential beauty,

cascading desires into envelopes of one,

playfulness flooding intentional trickery,

ticklish intensity morning of sun.

Rumblings created run thunderous realms,

instantaneous inventions so alive and real.

Symbolic paradigms reappearing in scene,

shape shifting, undressing sheets that are bare.

Why is my coat dragging this slothful tail,

in ways unaware of such fated proceed?

Where are my clothes my nakedness screams,

deception abounds in relative friends,

fooling the wise man with simpleton moves.

Rebound and bound asphyxiating kisses,

smothering tongue of red burn inferno,

rejoice in the choice bestowed me upon,

smoothing recoil of delectable torso.

Cooling refractor in curvaceous canyon,

skillful and nimble of dances agile,

mapping contours of these earthly plunges,

of tidal surfs and swollen surges,

that crash and rest my head upon this boundless silence.

Lucid Labyrinth Divided


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Lucid Labyrinth Divided 14″ x 11″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper

Here is another recent poem that I would love to share with you which is as the previous post also based on a recent complicated dream sequence.

It pairs quite nicely with this third completed drawing of the series which is in a somewhat unconventional pose.


Lucid Labyrinth Divided or Criss Cross Revolver


What have I been getting into?

The dogs are barking loud,

you don’t know what you’re getting into man…

street stroking crowds.

The subterranean warehouse parking lot,

is alive and doing well,

feeling the drift that the rift is closing,

strangling with me the night.

Dream restart, ignition switch stutter,

bring me delight,

a bright light feeling fills the space cement.

Please me, please, Sir,

empty me at first,

thought it to be an exit,

menacing look on her face.

A slight slow grinning,

you don’t know what you’re getting into man…

pause to enter space.

Lost in the illusions,

of the you go first,

I go first,

going back to sleep,

continuing the dream,

now I am with someone,

Is it my brother or my son?

Lucid labyrinth divided,

criss cross revolver,

I walk in like nothing,

In fact already in,

the shore is the reception,

the sea is by the house,

the sky is all united,

the flag is wholly worn.

Small rooms abound,

devilish to a degree,

a cold tear streaks my cheek,

no fear, paintings on the wall…

knowing the way, the exit is clear,

changing the course, smelling the rain,

the window is open.

Hellish dogs close in,

no fear, no fear at all.

I salute,

and the growling and barking continue,

I am out,

and a dog wants out with me,

and he is taken back in.

An offer of a million,

of travel, of emotion,

of elegance of breasts,

that beg to look much,

criss cross relax open,

a threesome doesn’t work much.

Agreement so we depart.

Eyes closed in an arm chair,

large room and comfy,

surround me with art,

and a small group of friends,

Imagination and myth

stream thru the void.

No art on the walls,

darkness ensues, a stillness overcomes,

a blankness transpires, I can live no more…

I open them again…

Give me a glimpse, if even a fragment,

a never ending relief, inherent in me,

this pleasurable treasure,

this vigorous function,

this criss cross revolver,

paintings on the wall…



Transcendent, Fastidious Jester


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz The Jump 11″ x 14″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper

Traversing through the final version of the drawing “The Jump” and through the previous version one can barely notice some of the changes, though other changes are somewhat more perceptible.

I have included both here for those interested in comparing the two. Most of the changes are subtle and basically of shadow and light intensity. The poem that follows reflects some of the subtleties perceived while observing nonsensical realms.


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz (Unfinished – The Jump?) 11″ x 14″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper

Although the poem was written as if being dictated to me, it was based on a recent dream and it coincides time wise with the work that was being done on the drawings. There are obviously other images and symbols present. Enjoy.

Transcendent, Fastidious Jester

The crouching mistress – the hidden cat,

the lone girl on the clouds’ bright top (shiny cloudy crest),

floating down, slowing descending,

seizing air by it’s horns and reins,

somersaults in her revolving head,

legs spread catching the breeze,

laughter ensues, playfulness looms,

a ludic prelude to an earthly return.

Dreams and dreamers confusing the veil,

happenings foster triumphant delight.

The King and the Queen are one and the same,

bringing thoughts thru this formidable square,

providing a flame full of gesturing deeds.

Transcendent, fastidious jester,

what is the law but a string that is tied?

a knot that we know,

a kneeling to longings and the appeal of knaves?

the unknown is what I desire in truth and escape,

to whatever form or shape,

the master requires.

The true me be here, sitting, being,

aware singular moment.

Beneath the ocean, translucent lies,

a squid faster than sight,

quill ink in astonished instant,

again and again.

Perceiving the void,

the laughter, the joy,

the crying, the sorrow,

the all that I be.

The illusion is fruitful,

the dreamer disguises,

the playing, the game,

the journey, the jester,

the dicer, creator,

is me.