Unblinking Blue – Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Unblinking Blue 60″ x 36″ acrylic / canvas


To my family, friends, collectors, fans and followers:

An abundance of appreciation for your continued support and generosity throughout 2015 and for helping create such an excellent year.  Thank You !

May this holiday season and the coming New Year find you with a profuseness of  health, love, inspiration, success, peace, and joy.

The Best Holiday Wishes to everyone having a brief or prolonged rest here from traveling the internet, of partying, or redirected here from some other cyberspace portal.

The painting “Unblinking Blue” was partially inspired by memories of incessant gazes observed (real and imagined) through life. A tiny and nevertheless important fragment in my daily and lifelong urge for connection. The poem “Incessant Cliff” was partially inspired by the painting and reflects a brief and somewhat humorous meditation on life. Enjoy!

Incessant Cliff

Stand atop this resting stop

aloft this incessant cliff

embark blue beauty bizarro shift

and plunge clear depths immortal stride.

Dewdrop strings  profuse brood whiff

uncertain schemes remain blind tide

ephemeral challenge keen endless bride

surrender in delight enormous flops.

Dreamland Awakening

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Dreamland Awakening 23.5″ x 18.25″ oil / archival mat board

A sort of meticulous study of subtleties and nuances that might appear imperceptible to the naked eye contingent upon the light angle and its intensity.

A fresh off the easel self portrait in oils along with poetry vaguely inspired by dreamland and reflections on the variety of chance states and characters transiting through so called reality.

Unreliable mirror

voice of illusion

singer in motion

spot on delusion

striker of force

play me a note

shirt on my head

bring me a song

reason of course

dancer beware

children have fun

master a dare

movement of sorts

what is the story

2 D impression

mind masturbation

simple lie warts

welcome today

now I do service

visions of glory

self intercourse

ages of questions

response of folly

peril of angels

destiny source

gravity sky jump

reach for the seedling

star ship in orbit

flight plan in shorts

Daedalus invention

morning of masters

god intervention

chameleon of horse

seminal ovum

break ground construction

freedom obstruction

live life off courts

millipede dance

laggardness farce

infinite fulcrum

rejoice in chance


Don the Fend Folly (or Cumbrous Cave Fulvous Throne)

DSC_0003 (3)

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Earth Flight – Promethea 12″ x 9″ acrylic / linen

In this oneiric tale I am invited to partake by my anima in a beautiful although frightening challenge.

I am then led steadily downward towards an underground chamber to encounter the Keeper of this subterranean domain.

The painting Tierra Vuelo – Prometea (Earth Flight – Promethea) is related on several levels to the poetry included in this post and subtly suggests the theft of the fire of creativity or creation.

Cumbrous Cave Fulvous Throne or Don the Fend Folly

A slightly sloped sidewalk

downward I do stride

multilevel sea view Anima me guides

diminutive ridge handrails trace scene tide

She’s close to sheer cliff

vegetation prime eyed.

Hesitation unwelcome in sharing her view

“come closer to edge observe down bijou”

nerve racked and alarmed reach rail I approach

slope height even lower this vertigo broach

prostrate and face up look down from the floor

tight torso slight lifted safe gaze eerie score.

Distinct invitation trail down passage way

I see water in exit sand also conveyed

(though not as effective construction dismayed).

We embark descent stroll routeing terrain encounter

basement dungeon is dark earthy flow moisty mountain

old hermit custodian ancient guardian fine wreaker

realm artifact steward dormant wine wisdom keeper.

Plank summit top table ornate vitreous bright jar

prepackaged clear pairs full round from afar

glass cradle of earplugs seem ripen rouge grapes

uneven cut boulders sum daunting landscape.

Reach crystal container retrieve packaged pair

(and ask the old man if it’s true that I can

He replies “No” emphatic, “tis mine, not to share.”

I mock to myself – ‘No worries Sultan…’)

plenty they’re from and remain with no care.

I don the fend folly grape earplugs of ice

two globules cold ears stroll cellar suffice

daft domain demands unearth once them all

rule dungeon quite tricky as slab made step stones.

Flight vertical labyrinth

Cumbrous cave Fulvous throne.

Unfecklessness Feline

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz (Untitled -Unfecklessness Feline?) 14″ x 14″ acrylic / canvas

After finishing the poem titled “Unfecklessness Feline” a thought stealthily sprouted in my mind that slowly persuaded me the title was seamlessly transferable (perfect) for the recently completed untitled painting above.

The dream sequence is related to the appearance of certain personages that might seem unpleasant or unwelcome initially and gradually transform into something entertaining, useful or of beauty. In other words judgements about oneself that are full of duality (pairs everywhere).

Unfecklessness Feline

A pair of unexpected guests

noted separately arrive

my frolic evening fest connived

brings incredulous molest

He straight through strides beside

turning blind eye to my hostess

the other blooms strange beard

and as she looms it disappears

they’re really groom and bride

she hurriedly greeting zooms inside

A pair of feline pets pull adamantine leash

their masters hold on well to show off tiny beasts

these guests are clearly welcome

they each have cat in hand

curiosity abundant and elegance in sarabande

One cat has spiral coat

most intricate design

its beauty so impressive

unfecklessness feline

the other also yellow

red fetching florentine

request remove said leash

free thinking libertine

I recognize these mammals, their owners pleasant guests,

transforming the unwelcome to sexy sultry jests.

Dreamer in Disguise


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Reflection on a Dreamer 16.5″ x 13.25″ oil & soft pastel / archival mat board

The self portrait “Reflection on a Dreamer” is a recent study in cool, neutral, and warm tones achieved primarily by observing my reflection in the studio mirror in the space of a few nights.

The portrait started out with eyes wide open but then gradually transformed into what it is now, although a few minor details should allow me to consider it completed, it is still in process. The poetry is once again based primarily on a recent nightly encounter.

Dreamer in Disguise

Faceless dreamer shroud

searching fruitless for reflection

long open white lab coat

fraud garment of perfection

arms supple in a circle

head invisible to my eyes

plasticity reigns this realm

soft mirror of disguise.

The dreamer cloaked as artist,

the dreamer as a fool

dreamer of distinction

dreamer molecule

dreamer fine magician

dreamer full of science

dreamer Nosferatu

dreamer pact in silence

dreamer as a hermit

dreamer with no clothes

dreamer close the circuit

dreamer chews and chose.

Alpinia Purpurata


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Alpinia Purpurata 16″ x 12″ acrylic / canvas

The painting “Alpinia Purpurata” is based on a floral arrangement usually found on my kitchen table. It had been there for quite some time, maybe a few years.

When the leaves and the blossoms would start to whither we would simply replace them and keep the basic pattern consistent. Many repeat guests to our home can attest to seeing this undeviating arrangement over time. The poem is partially based like other poems before it, on a recent dream sequence and the painting.

Alpinia Purpurata

Secret unopened letter of love,

infinite paths of strange augur above,

passenger back seat, white whisper of silence,

my immovable gaze, last laudable license.

Alpinia Purpurata pair blossoms,

longevity, strength, intense fiery passion,

from kingdom Cantata, host of red phantoms,

wealth beyond measure, diversity, concessions,

silken thread crystal womb,

golden vase scarlet bloom.

Fluttering heart dances, impaired vision strains,

where shall I take chance, destinations your aim,

shall I read your romance,

shall I tear you in chains,

shall I break free from trance,

shall I toss you unclaimed,

or shall you unopened remain.

Arcanum Song Fountain

DSC_0012 2

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Llena Eres De Gracia (Full Of Grace) or Magdalena aprox. 30″ x 15″ acrylic / canvas

I’ve decided to post the image of the realist figurative painting “Full of Grace” after obtaining a higher quality photo recently.

It was first exhibited in the year 2013 and pairs somewhat well with the dream story poem “Arcanum Song Fountain” or “Ornate Vulva Heirloom”. The poem is an account of a dream where I receive a gift from a female artist friend. Enjoy!

Arcanum Song Fountain or (Ornate Vulva Heirloom)

Clear core talent creator empress,

sweet female artist friend of mine,

to bland and bluff her work’s averse,

bestowed on me great gift enshrined.

An intricate journal of uncommon blooms,

pink orchid designs in sketchbook deluge,

avalanche of angles, from all sides and views,

page after page of ornate vulva heirloom.

Believing her blossom is somewhat bizarre,

her bulging beginnings bring modest recall,

a self portrait in nude along with her lover,

arousal is obvious in the male from afar.

Untangled unconscious, arcanum song fountain,

repertoire viewpoints of symbols expands,

grateful act gracious, gift fertile fine feminine,

notebook of drawings is now in dream hands.


With my painting “Magdalena” in my studio, deciding whether to change the frame or not.

Cloister Cloud Cerulean

DSC_0003 6

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Cloister Cloud Cerulean Self Portrait 12″ x 9″ acrylic & charcoal / sealed watercolor paper

A poetical delving into a recently completed self portrait.

In the short poem below I explore around a bit into the illusory fabricated mind structures and filters (many times self created and maintained) and I also lightly brush on the power of internal awareness. A personal glimpse into my “campaign”. So, don’t stop dreaming! and Enjoy!

Cloister Cloud Cerulean

Sky scraping structures,

edifice of mind,

architectural complex,

keeps the grind alive,

tilts my view of nature,

forcefully confined,

barefaced truth is bent,

shamelessly devised.

Crimson colored glasses,

convert me quasi blind,

sighting slit of reason:

“seek and ye shall find.”

Cave cleave imagination,

fount of countless kinds,

colossal cleft conjure,

provides me myriad mines.

Cloister Cloud Cerulean,

continue campaign climb.

DSC_0002 3

Working on the mixed media painting “Cloister Cloud Cerulean” self portrait outside my studio in Puerto Rico

Dream Desolation Drive


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Black Self Portrait 20″ x 15″ (with glaze) acrylic,pastel,charcoal / sealed watercolor paper


A nightly drive through story on structures, dwellings, and the personages inhabiting this reflecting and holographic realm. Enjoy!

Dream Desolation Drive

Dream desolation drive, discern a dark road,

a friend, you and I, in a car so bestowed,

two corner houses beyond the bend we tour,

catch a mighty glimpse, attention for sure,

structures reworked, remodeled, restored,

although night fallen, I’ve been here before.

Solitary abode illumined in amber,

architecture exposed with glaring grandeur,

inhabitants moved to someplace unknown,

glorious space open of yesterdays throne,

admire dozen doors, arcs elevated from ground,

perhaps we encounter past residents unbound.

Second dwelling converted, transmuted, transformed,

turn round corner right, internal huge platform,

attractive middle aged couple, standing at door,

conversing with owner, I’ve seen them before,

glance at interior, beyond gate past darkness,

we follow the fool and walk deceit emptiness.


DSC_0004 2


In my studio attempting to get the same expression as the work.

Apparent vast solitude in truth was quite full,

people everywhere sat, making contact visual.

Walked round the middle then round again back,

some chairs surely vacant, others seem not,

more seats am I finding, appearing from black.

Prime for performance in font of the stage,

room is divided whilst open the cage,

curtains are drawn, divisions removed,

floor has the markers of sliders that ruled.

The function is formal, attendants are dressed,

inside this vast structure a legion is guest,

many lives lived, of levels and dreams,

multiple plots and stories and schemes,

they all can reside in this fantasy realm,

where fractal reflections flood forth overwhelm.

DSC_0001 4

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Black Self Portrait 20″ x 15″ acrylic,pastel,charcoal / sealed watercolor paper

Gorgeous Vine Vulva


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled 12″ x 9″ (detail) acrylic / watercolor paper

A recent painting of which I am working on the finishing touches is included here along with a poem based partially on a recent dream. The dream involved a sequence that I found initially quite disconcerting (including being a bit unnerved and surprised inside the actual dream).

It involved becoming aware of having a vulva on the right hand side of my torso – right beneath the ribs, as I watched in a sort of stupefied amazement at something that I had not noticed before, I awoke. Upon waking I was definitely relieved it was just a dream…

About a week later I suffered an injury to my left knee while trying to reach for something in the back seat of my parked car. While seated in the front passenger side I turned around, knelt, and reached to the back seat forgetting I had an open multi-tool blade sticking out close by. When I tried to turn back around the blade stabbed and cut on the flesh of my left leg vastus medialis. So far it is healing very well. The following poem is an attempt to make sense of these encounters that likely seem to border on the absurd. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Vine Vulva

Forth again Empress, engage from my shore,

lonely loud liberty, dispense lusty lore,

comb my hair softly, around sheer my back,

finger waves crossing, purple blue and red black.

Papaya flesh crimson, head musing aware,

lines and signs swarming anoint subtle flair,

Majestic the She, in swing shadow Bordeaux,

metal bowl cling swords, crescendo in flow.

To see to believe, doubting Thomas assume,

reach your hand out, and into my wound,

under/neath right ribs, transferred to left knee,

creatively injured, bloom source energy,

humanity symbol,

high gracious heirloom,

gorgeous vine vulva, gate of glorious womb.