Two Brothers


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Brothers 23.75″ x 18″ colored pencil / sealed watercolor paper 2001


 I recently found this colored pencil drawing from 2001 in my studio while searching for something else, which is usually the case when you spend time diving into piles of paper or drawers full of other lost objects and you find what you are not looking for.

This wasn’t exactly the case here, as I was searching not in piles of paper but in neat distinct stacks of “works” on paper spread around in different locations within the studio (I guess reorganizing will soon reach priority status). So as I explored the uncluttered acid free collection I came upon this beauty – this is a very personal work of high emotional value for me as it is one of my first representations of my two sons, one fourteen years old and the other nine at the time.

Although they appear to be in the dark heading in the direction of brightness or light, it was not my intention at the moment of working on this piece to convey that- I was just playing around with and enamored of chiaroscuro, which to this day I still am. Looking at it with fresh eyes has provided a new angle of perception, as the one who was in the dark at the time most likely was me (maybe I still am), with a few sigh producing specks of discernment of the light at the end of the legendary tunnel or CAVE.

I shot the photos used as reference for this work at the site of Rio Camuy Cave Park (Las Cavernas del Rio Camuy) in the northwest part of the island where the boys and I were enjoying some really cool time exploring the caves, the surrounding forest, and taking the guided tour. I definitely felt compelled to engage photographically with the abundant scenic vegetation and the dramatic natural lighting available throughout the park, especially close to the entrances and exits of the caves. The results were some fantastic and interesting pics from which I made a selection to use for this drawing titled simply “Brothers”. Enjoy.







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