Equinox Autumn Echo


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz (Untitled/Unfinished -In Process) 66″ x 48″ acrylic / canvas

The unfinished and as of yet untitled painting above seems in a way rather fitting for the following autumn reflection of a spring dream I transcribed some months ago.

You might find the poem based on the dream sequence, of a similar note to the poem Gorgeous Vine Vulva, in both I encounter and incorporate the anima or feminine creative energy alive in the subconscious. Enjoy!

Equinox Autumn Echo

Little girl in a dream song,

flashy purple colored dress,

singing like a rooster strong,

I’m laughing, feeling quite impressed.

A multitude of mimic masters,

bringing lavish mirror minds,

bombast bragging, furious, faster,

haste hassle bargains all the time.

I’m traveling through this naked realm,

shine clear torso my reflection,

physique is handsome at the helm,

less shirt struggles, less inspection.

At first I’m not surprised to find,

an echo feature, a well formed breast.

I perceive it from a pose of side,

bounty belle beauty upon my chest.

But then it struck me as quite strange,

this autumn equinox echo,

I must be dreaming this arrange,

from the spring life sleep of a loco.


With my untitled, in process painting in my studio, trying for a lotus position on a stool.

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