Unfinished Nude Charcoal Drawings


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz  (Unfinished – The Jump?) 11″ x 14″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper

I had been initially undecided as to whether to include the unfinished drawings of the three undressed female figures in this post, additionally, I was uncertain and unaware of what to write.

“Go ahead, post the drawings, start typing and eventually something meaningful or useful will grace the page”. With that in mind, what brought me to decide in the affirmative was the thought of disclosing a portion of the detailed process of drawings for me.

I have seldom if ever used drawings as a basis for a painting – therefore drawings for me are works that stand on their own – they are not a preparatory analysis of possible compositions or anything else, although that’s not to say they may become inspiration for further study.


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz (Unfinished – untitled) 11″ x 14″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper

The fact also stands that continuously practicing and perfecting your drawing skills will greatly improve your abilities to notice minute details and variances in forms and will also enhance your painting abilities.

The three drawings here are in different stages of completion and are all referenced from photos I took in past photo sessions. For some reason or other I hadn’t used the photos for paintings and didn’t quite feel they were compositions I would use soon  – that’s not to say that they were not up to par with the others, just not appropriate for that moment.

I am working these drawings on a mix media 98lb paper spiral notebook and the “ghosts” seen are the previous drawings showing beneath the page. I noticed them after uploading, my apologies, please don’t let that be a distraction. Although they do appear to establish an interesting additional dialog with the original form – so I’ll be playing around with this most likely.

I will be posting the finished drawings (I’ll make sure no ghosts show up) once completed so you can notice the progression and correction along with a few other stuff soon.


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz (Unfinished – untitled) 14″ x 11″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper



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