Unfecklessness Feline

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz (Untitled -Unfecklessness Feline?) 14″ x 14″ acrylic / canvas

After finishing the poem titled “Unfecklessness Feline” a thought stealthily sprouted in my mind that slowly persuaded me the title was seamlessly transferable (perfect) for the recently completed untitled painting above.

The dream sequence is related to the appearance of certain personages that might seem unpleasant or unwelcome initially and gradually transform into something entertaining, useful or of beauty. In other words judgements about oneself that are full of duality (pairs everywhere).

Unfecklessness Feline

A pair of unexpected guests

noted separately arrive

my frolic evening fest connived

brings incredulous molest

He straight through strides beside

turning blind eye to my hostess

the other blooms strange beard

and as she looms it disappears

they’re really groom and bride

she hurriedly greeting zooms inside

A pair of feline pets pull adamantine leash

their masters hold on well to show off tiny beasts

these guests are clearly welcome

they each have cat in hand

curiosity abundant and elegance in sarabande

One cat has spiral coat

most intricate design

its beauty so impressive

unfecklessness feline

the other also yellow

red fetching florentine

request remove said leash

free thinking libertine

I recognize these mammals, their owners pleasant guests,

transforming the unwelcome to sexy sultry jests.