Flight Mind Helicopters and The Flamenco Observer


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz The Flamenco Observer 36″ x 30″ acrylic / canvas


In keeping with the theme of the entry and the painting “Wednesday Evening at Casa Andalucia” I am including a self portrait that was commenced around the same time as the painting

and that was largely based on the experiences during that time. It was also put aside for a number of years, was later restarted, then stored away for some more years until finally completed last year. This self portrait reflects somewhat on the powerful energy, dynamic movement, and soulful embodiment of the Flamenco experience.

As with most of the poems I’ve included in this site, the following is partially based on the current painting ‘Flamenco Observer” and recent dreams. Enjoy!


Flight Mind Helicopters

No criticisms, always silent,

whenever present, always here,


I laugh, you laugh back.

I have fear, you simply don’t.

There is chaos, you have peace.

There is joy, you notice well.

Who are you I ask,

I see you “seeing” me,


I dance, you follow.

I paint, you observe.

I sing, you respond.

I make strings resonate, you listen.

I jump, you fly.

Parallel lines of dream mind,

that do not want to kiss,

square and circle skyscrapers,

rebuild and re-dismiss,

helicopters of every kind,

abound blue skies amiss,

two flying backwards,

soaring past my sight,

boxy metal frame works,

street level fly bus,

clear bubble roundness,

crash the wall on high.

Across abandoned corner,

hovers illegal loneliness,

carve a mountain with a tunnel,

dark dungeon of unknown,

animate your brightness,

as I walk me back home.

Atado y Rebota Asfixiantes Besos (Rebound and Bound Asphyxiating Kisses – Spanish Version)


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Re-Member 24″ x 18″ acrylic / linen


Atado y Rebota Asfixiantes Besos


Si pudiera soñar de belleza torrencial,

cascadas deseos en envolturas de uno,

juego inundando la trampa intencional,

cosquillosa intensidad la alborada de sol.

Rugidos creados corren reinos de trueno,

tan vivo y real inmediatos inventos.

Simbólico paradigma reaparece en escena,

cambiando forma exponiendo desnudo lienzo.

Mi abrigo, porque arrastra este rabo haragán,

sin percatarse aun de su procedencia destino?

Donde esta mi ropa mi desnudez me grita!

…en relativos amigos la decepción sí abunda,

engañando al sabio con sus maniobras tontas.

Atado y rebota asfixiantes besos,

lengua que sofoca el quemado rojo infierno,

regocijo en la selección que en mi se otorga,

trémulo liso de delicioso torso.

Refractor refrescante de curvados cañones,

gracioso y capaz de tan ágiles danzas,

dibujando contornos de terrenales saltos,

de hinchados flujos y mareante las olas,

que sobre mi cabeza descansan y chocan,

con este silencio que tanto desata.

Thirteen Random Self Portraits

Here are an additional five self portraits that I found accessible enough to photograph and bring this series of randomness, which includes the previous two posts, to somewhat of a conclusion, with thirteen for now. Some more may show up later. These five are a sample of different media as there are a couple made with oil on paper, and one acrylic on paper, the other two are drawings, one colored pencil on watercolor paper and the other a more traditional charcoal on paper. A couple are untitled for now – the titles will probably show up soon.



The following two Long Self Portraits are an example of the playing around with what I have at the moment. For these two I cut an 18 by 23 and a quarter paper in half and used both halves of the paper for the portraits. In this particular instance I worked on both at the same time.


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Long Self Portrait I 23.25″ x 9″ oil / paper 2014


©AlexanderRosado-Muñoz Long Self Portrait II 23.25″ x 9″ oil / paper 2014


 Here’s an example of a few elements fused together, the realism in the facial features, in the expression, and somewhat on the skin tones, the chaotic lines surrounding everything, and the colored graffiti or thicket of vines.

©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Graffiti Self Portrait acrylic / gesso sealed paper 12″ x 9″ 2010



©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled color pencil & charcoal / watercolor paper 20.5″ x 17.25″ 2004


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled 21.5″ x 16.25″ charcoal / paper 2002