School Pickpocket Pirates


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled (buffoon) 40″ x 30″ acrylic / linen

Of recent encounters through the mixed media dreamland of players and actors who graciously guide and unveil the illusory nature of matter. An untitled painting from a while back compliments the scene. Enjoy!


School Pickpocket Pirates

Baby’s head in a glass crystal ball,

round in my hands conveys through the hall,

outdoor the clear bright lighted space,

water to the rim amplifies his face.

Life size avenue decorated crib,

office room closed and back exit bib.

Museum street owner, child’s only play,

convention beings party, bring out the stage.

Feeling almost famous,

handshake with a pose,

HR Lady rehearses,

auditions for a bone.

State reaches critical,

school friends seem unknown,

pickpocket pirates,

heads in a throng.

Paper story coverage,

religiously rant complain,

turn circle round,

return to the cage.

Dark cowboy hat clown,

says “Please hush and obey.”

Counting numbers and gestures,

follow through with my cue,

sing along with the Jester,

suits you well mind the hue.

School Pickpocket Pirates,

heads in marvelous daze,

spout with unison climate,

“All the world’s just a stage!”