Deepened Dark Depths


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Night Sentinel self Portrait 23″ x 17.75″ soft pastel / archival mat board

A night ride through boulders, curves, cliffs, caves, concert halls and back out again.

Deepened Dark Depths

Surrounded anchored boulder dream, curves and cliffs and ledges mount,

tightened seat belt secures our scene, reversing first, final credence fount.

(We arrive. Exit vehicle transport space).

Silver carpet covered stairway,

underground entrance crowded cave,

waiting to get in –walls drab gray,

swarm of beings besiege our stay.

(A baby’s coach to carry).

Alone a mother to do it wants,

her weary tries remain in vain,

my help I offer to ease the strain,

aloft tot carriage primordial aim.

(The vessel thus lowered to deepened dark depths).

Bypassing bystanders,

rehearsing musicians,

resounding hall theater,

violinist enthroned.

(Concert hall exit detected).

Two doors further forward,

we reach ample clearance,

at last some coherence,

bright light on my eyes,

tis brief, I succeed,

my vision’s impedance,

once more crowd’s appearance,

confusion reigns free.

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