Gorgeous Vine Vulva


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Untitled 12″ x 9″ (detail) acrylic / watercolor paper

A recent painting of which I am working on the finishing touches is included here along with a poem based partially on a recent dream. The dream involved a sequence that I found initially quite disconcerting (including being a bit unnerved and surprised inside the actual dream).

It involved becoming aware of having a vulva on the right hand side of my torso – right beneath the ribs, as I watched in a sort of stupefied amazement at something that I had not noticed before, I awoke. Upon waking I was definitely relieved it was just a dream…

About a week later I suffered an injury to my left knee while trying to reach for something in the back seat of my parked car. While seated in the front passenger side I turned around, knelt, and reached to the back seat forgetting I had an open multi-tool blade sticking out close by. When I tried to turn back around the blade stabbed and cut on the flesh of my left leg vastus medialis. So far it is healing very well. The following poem is an attempt to make sense of these encounters that likely seem to border on the absurd. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Vine Vulva

Forth again Empress, engage from my shore,

lonely loud liberty, dispense lusty lore,

comb my hair softly, around sheer my back,

finger waves crossing, purple blue and red black.

Papaya flesh crimson, head musing aware,

lines and signs swarming anoint subtle flair,

Majestic the She, in swing shadow Bordeaux,

metal bowl cling swords, crescendo in flow.

To see to believe, doubting Thomas assume,

reach your hand out, and into my wound,

under/neath right ribs, transferred to left knee,

creatively injured, bloom source energy,

humanity symbol,

high gracious heirloom,

gorgeous vine vulva, gate of glorious womb.

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