Fertility Flowing Free


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz The Empress Returns 24″ x 18″ acrylic / canvas

The painting The Empress Returns and a poem highlighting some of the existing symbols in the Major Arcana card are here presented.

The Empress is part of an entire cast of characters accessed or encountered through one’s lifelong journey and is described as follows by the author Eden Gray in “A Complete Guide to The Tarot”:

“…the Empress typifies the productive, generative activities in the subconscious after it has been impregnated by the seed ideas from the self-conscious. The subconscious has control over all the steps of development in the material world; therefore the Empress represents the multiplicator of images.”

As one can see the Empress represents a multiplicity, or abundance of images. Something that people in the visual arts relish. And now the poem -enjoy!

Fertility Flowing Free or (The Empress)

Empress Queen,

Mother multiplier of dreams.

Venus inscribed,

Blooming garden tribe.

Arcanum cream,

Unconscious image stream.

Tarot symbol three,

Archetype and key.

Isis unveiled,

Fecund quest of high yield.

Nature unfolds,

Generative crown bestowed. Fertility flowing free.

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