spat rid the riddle (free of duels)


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Flowers for Florentina 14″ x 11″ acrylic / linen

A hello to all my fellow dreamers! Searching for answers in all dream states, I have come to find out everything is a really just a dream – just like the song says.  So a Toast to all! Salud! and just keep dreaming!

Spat Rid the Riddle (free of duels)

Everything’s a dream, a dream so really real,

hauntingly convincing,

flood of appeal,

searching right questions, elegance concealed,

tightly twisted tango (dance) slowly revealed.

Slaying the master and finding a fool,

spat rid the riddle free of duels,

reach for the mistress, loving the cat,

bring forth the summoned maker of jewels!

Inventor, creator, of sorts innovator,

Where is your favorable challenge?

A well within the hidden skin,

a stunning source to manage.

Dreamers are a such a bunch… in sooth awake?

Questioning all infinity circle,

Never keenly knowing reality at stake.

When nothing much matters – where do we go?

How to keep going when there is no show?

Bring forth the clowns, the jester, the fool,

inventor, creator, of sorts innovator.

What is your favorable tool?

Clarity unfolding chaotic conjecture, (guess)

where beauty and breath are re-schooled.

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