Fake Keys and Stolen Jokers


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz Ibis 16″ x 12″ acrylic / linen

Most of the dream inspired poems which I have posted in this blog have been inspired also by recent paintings. In the case of the poem “Fake Keys and Stolen Jokers” or “An Ibis Peck” I had practically finished the poem and none of the paintings currently in process seemed to work well within the verses.

There was one painting which might have also worked but I was a bit reluctant to use since it was not completed. I decided to look around the studio and found the painting “Ibis” which initially did not seem to work well either but had something going for it and after a paused contemplation the verses started to flow and work.


Fake Keys and Stolen Jokers (or “An Ibis Peck”)

Juicy awesomeness is a pillow,

sweet weary heavy head,

second floor extension cords,

wrap the city pulling (cables),

see myself quite outside,

changing paths and finding fast,

noticing lines that barely arrive.

Beak pecking wisdom,

divine encounter,

Ibis floating amidst my shoulder,

repeat revelations undoubtedly unknown,

some secret spirals are bound to the bone,

others not so, and need to be grown:

“Those in charge are seldom present,

always walking towards town,

wrong direction wayward ride,

shattered glass streetside parking,

truth be heading countryside”

Anxious moms’ car broken into,

keys are fake and stolen jokers,

give a goddamn call and tell,

blue burning wax hand brokers

(fuming ears and foaming mouth),

are now big boss race car drivers.

Some men learn to shake the hands,

to unearth the works of lost crayons,

and fill the blanks of timed exams;

below the table beneath the calm,

wrench the cables and extract my arm.

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