Transcendent, Fastidious Jester


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz The Jump 11″ x 14″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper

Traversing through the final version of the drawing “The Jump” and through the previous version one can barely notice some of the changes, though other changes are somewhat more perceptible.

I have included both here for those interested in comparing the two. Most of the changes are subtle and basically of shadow and light intensity. The poem that follows reflects some of the subtleties perceived while observing nonsensical realms.


©Alexander Rosado-Muñoz (Unfinished – The Jump?) 11″ x 14″ General’s charcoal pencils / Canson mix media 98lb paper

Although the poem was written as if being dictated to me, it was based on a recent dream and it coincides time wise with the work that was being done on the drawings. There are obviously other images and symbols present. Enjoy.

Transcendent, Fastidious Jester

The crouching mistress – the hidden cat,

the lone girl on the clouds’ bright top (shiny cloudy crest),

floating down, slowing descending,

seizing air by it’s horns and reins,

somersaults in her revolving head,

legs spread catching the breeze,

laughter ensues, playfulness looms,

a ludic prelude to an earthly return.

Dreams and dreamers confusing the veil,

happenings foster triumphant delight.

The King and the Queen are one and the same,

bringing thoughts thru this formidable square,

providing a flame full of gesturing deeds.

Transcendent, fastidious jester,

what is the law but a string that is tied?

a knot that we know,

a kneeling to longings and the appeal of knaves?

the unknown is what I desire in truth and escape,

to whatever form or shape,

the master requires.

The true me be here, sitting, being,

aware singular moment.

Beneath the ocean, translucent lies,

a squid faster than sight,

quill ink in astonished instant,

again and again.

Perceiving the void,

the laughter, the joy,

the crying, the sorrow,

the all that I be.

The illusion is fruitful,

the dreamer disguises,

the playing, the game,

the journey, the jester,

the dicer, creator,

is me.

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